Tips and tricks

Flies are usually able to avoid danger thanks to their excellent reaction ability. Flies tend to flee only when threatened. Rapid movement in their immediate vicinity is perceived as a threat.

If you approach the fly slowly, you can get within 1 cm of it. This is the principle on which fly-goodbye is based.


Approach the target slowly without making any rapid movements to about 1 to 3 cm. fly-goodbye works best if held diagonally in the air.



It also works if held perpendicular from the top, but not as well since air flow is disrupted.

When compressing the trigger, please note that fly-goodbye must be held as still as possible. The capture tube will rapidly shoot out 15 mm while simultaneously creating strong suction inside the capture tube. Faced with this type of attack, flies become helpless and stand no chance. They are sucked into the capture tube.