How fly-goodbye works

fly-goodbye is suitable for catching flies and other insects.

WARNING: Is the insect you are hunting bigger than the capture tube (barrel), leave everything and run for your life.

Pushing the capture tube once into the suction cylinder and than pull it out again loads the system (pump-action motion).

The fly-goodbye system is now loaded and ready for use.

fly-goodbye requires no batteries.



Approach the fly at a distance of approximately 1-3 cm and aim tranquilly at the object.

Once the trigger has been activated,  the capture tube will shoot out about 1,5 cm. At the same time there will be a strong vacuum created in the suction cylinder and capture tube. The fly doesn’t stand a chance against the suction, which is reinforced by the rapid projection of the capture tube. The fly is sucked into the capture tube up to the protective grating. The protective grating prevents the fly from getting into the internal mechanism.

When using the catch & release cartridge (see figure above):

The fly remain cached behind the patented fly-gate in the catch & release cartridge. The hunter can now replace the fly-gate with the magnifying glass and inspect the fly if he wants. The insect can be released after if desired.

If a glue cartridge is used (not available in USA, see figure above), the following will happen:

The cached fly attempts to crawl out of the capture tube and becomes stuck on the sticky surface of the glue cartridge. When the sticky surface is full, a new cartridge can be inserted and the used cartridge disposed.